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I am happy to learn that Iranian Scientific Society of Medical Entomology is conducting the 2ndInternational Congress on Climate change & Vector -Borne Diseases and 4th Iranian National Congress on Medical Entomology at Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Iran,13-15 November 2019. It is the timely one and need of the hour. The reason being the recurrent episodes of raise in mosquito populations, epidemic mosquito borne viral diseases such as Dengue fever, Zika virus, Chickenkunya, Leishmaniasis, Malaria, Encephalitis and a myriad of other vector-borne diseases pose significant threats to mankind. Climate change can influence how infectious diseases spread by vectors like mosquitoes. Studies have proved that rainfall, temperature and other climate changes can influence virus infection and make insect borne diseases harder to control.

Vector-Borne diseases are among the most complex and vexing illness to manage, since so many elements are at play, like host resistance, the environment, rapid urbanization, the adaptation acquired by vectors in a short span of time, lack of systematic and focused studies on specific parasite-vector relationships, the poor awareness among citizens and the unexplained role of climate change on vector populations.

Globalization of trade and travel, unplanned urbanization and environmental changes are having significant impact on disease transmission in the recent years which means that the situation may even get worse should we not intensify and expand our efforts.

Hence, there is an urgent need to address all this issues. In this regard it is more appreciate that some of members of our society have come forward to conduct this important congress, which I am sure will address some of the core issues related to vectors and control.

I congratulate the organizers for providing a platform for interaction through this conference and I am confident that it will surely come up with important recommendations with new strategies for prevention and control of Vector Borne Diseases.



Prof. Mohammad Reza Yaghoobi-Ershadi

President, Iranian Scientific Society of Medical Entomology



Dear Professors,Researchers and Students;


Arthropods and disease vectors are one of the most important health problems all over the world including Iran. Authentic scientific research on epidemiology,bio-ecology and etiology of these diseases and the development of effective mechanisms based on these research can lead to the promotion of community health burden and secured public health particularly in remote regions. The incidence and distribution of newly emerging and re-emerging diseases,especially arboviral diseases,in a region and its neighboring countries alarmingly necessitates awareness and perfect readiness to control these very insidious diseases. On the other hand,the expanding dispersion of urban pests with pathogen passing potential,which affects the well-being of urban residents,make the duties of specialists and researchers greater in these disciplines. The Medical Entomology department of Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (SUMS) is embarking on its educational and research mission to launch:”2nd. International Congress of Vector-Borne Diseases and Climate Change”,in conjunction with: 4th. National Congress of Medical Entomology,Iran” in the capital city of Shiraz,the cradle of Persian civilization,literature and science. It is honorable to be the host to respectful lecturers,researchers,and students in this and other disciplines,so that as a result of mentoring,view-exchanges,and precious experiences of all of you with respectable executive staff,effective steps could be taken in the optimal advancement of national health system. I,therefore,invite your excellency to participate in this congress,ensuring that the responsible colleagues at SUMS would endeavor to do their best to host the honorable guests among the guest-loving Shiraz people. Attempts to present expert opinions,active panels of discussion with audience and field specialists,up-to-date and applied workshops,and various issues will be interchanged. Your valuable presence would enrich the scientific arena of congress. It is ensured that visiting the beautiful city of Shiraz in the elegant season of fall will bring you lots of excellent and perpetual memories.


Wish to see you soon;

Prof. Kourosh Azizi;

Scientific Secretary of Congress

Friday 13 December 2019

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